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How do we get our business started in Japan ?

Contacting Apricot Japan is a good way to start. We will set up a meeting  to discuss your objectives and put an action plan together. 

Our business has been established for some time in Japan, but sales are level, what should we do ?

We call this the “Japan Plateau”. Many companies successfully set up an operation or distributor in Japan but then find that sales level off while overhead costs can increase. Apricot Japan can help you identify the reasons,  whether it be market size, competition, local operation limitations, distribution method and give you a straight answer  


Our sales are in Japan are going well, but we don’t really understand the market which makes us hesitate to make further investments. Can Apricot Japan work with management in our local management and help feedback information ?

Yes, we often do this. We are professionals and quickly gain the respect of people in  Japanese organizations and always find they welcome our input which helps them  communication within a global organization.


We require some special components and materials that are only available in Japan and we have difficulty sources them, can Apricot Japan help ?

Japan is one of the leading nations for developing new materials and we can negotiate prices and source specialist components and materials for you.  

Our products have high market shares in the global market, however we are often told that our products need to be modified or re packaged for the Japanese market. Can you help us find out more about what we need to do ?

Yes, the Japanese market does have some requirements that are different to countries, the difference can be as simple as the mains voltages or can be more complex and subtle requirements such as the level of after sales service that Japanese customers expect. Apricot Japan has expertise in identifying the detailed market requirements and will be happy to help you identify the key requirements so you can win a good market share.


We want export some products manufactured in Japan, can you help us to define the product requirements, produce sales literature and coach our Japanese staff to understand the requirements of international businesses?

Yes, this is an activity we do for many Japanese and international organizations. Similarly to needing a clear strategy for exporting to Japan, a clear product and support strategy is needed for export from Japan. Apricot Japan has successfully  helped companies to export from Japan.


What are your fees ?

Our fees are reasonable and depend what tasks you want us to do. Apricot Japan's basic ethos is that we succeed when our clients succed. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you an estimate.

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