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Apricot Japan specializes in business and strategy development, for the Japanese market. Our experience with large organizations, small organizations, start up and university spin outs help identify the key points in their strategy to establish and grow the business in Japan.
Your key to growth and profits in Japan starts here !


“The beginning is the most important part of the work”

 ― Plato, Philosopher

 Apricot Japan sets out attainable goals.

With our deep knowledge of the Japanese business environment we provide a business model with a high certainty of success. We carry out market research, recommend the best sales route and determine the competitive position. Case Study:- “CW Ltd” has a well established product line and growing sales in the USA, Europe and Asia, but no sales in Japan. Apricot Japan identified potential distributors, evaluated their capabilities and identified the most suitable one, a distribution agreement was signed and product and sales training quickly facilitated. 






“It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.”

― Steve Jobs, Innovator

Apricot Japan facilitates your strategy

Many companies reach the “Japan Plateau” after a successful initial market entry, sales level off.

Case Study:- “MW Ltd” has good market shares worldwide and a subsidiary in Japan established 10 years ago with 30 people. “MW Ltd” sees sales growth globally however no growth in Japan. Apricot Japan worked with the Japanese operation and head office management to identify the cause and facilitated changes to the product and marketing strategy as a result sales in Japan grew by over 15% the following year


“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”

― Peter Drucker, Guru

Apricot Japan provides results

Many small start ups face the “Valley of Death”. Case Study:- “LM Ltd” has excellent patented technology and growing sales from 2 of its 3 product lines. The 3rd product line has huge potential however insufficient funding to complete the development and bring the product to market. Apricot Japan identified and negotiated a joint development programme with a Japanese company who invested money and technology to complete the product and get the regulatory approvals for release to the market.


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